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Allow us to help you navigate The Path to Perfect Health 4 Life! 

Let us share how to accomplish your goals; 




Our themes help individuals travel The Path to Perfect Health 4 Life by giving step by step training and instructions toward that goal.

1) Intro to The Path to Perfect Health 4 Life 

2) Water & its Importance 

3) Energize & Protect – Intro to Scalar Energy 

4) Nutrition 

5) Gut Health 

6) Detox 

7) Supplements 

8) Diet 

9) Exercise 

10) Hygiene 

11) Lifestyle 

12) Essential Oils 

(additional maybe added & some themes may take more then one month)



Our education meetings are every Tuesday at 8pm CST. These meetings are 30 minutes and follow the same schedule so that we work through The Path to Perfect Health 4 Life consistently

Week 1 - Introduction to the Month's Theme

Week 2 - Special Guest

Week 3 - Mental Health and how it affects our physical health

Week 4 - Products that address the month's theme

Week 5 - Review 

(if there is a 5th week)



Time is precious and we know life can be hectic! With that in mind, we are recording all Zooms and have documents available for you to listen to or refer to at your convince.     


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To share and invite, copy and paste;

The Path to Perfect Health 4 Life 

Every Tuesday, 8pm CST 

Zoom Meeting for Computer or Smartphone:  


Meeting ID: 828 705 8691

Passcode: PH4L 

For Listening Only:        

346 248 7799 US (Houston)        

Meeting ID: 828 705 8691

Passcode: 298410

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